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Community Co-Sponsorship

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Over 74,000 Afghans have been evacuated to the United States since August 2021. Many of these individuals are currently at U.S. military bases as they wait to be resettled into
welcoming communities across the country. In response, Alliance for African Assistance (AAA) has worked with the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECEC) to launch the Community Co-Sponsorship Program, a new community-led resettlement initiative that enables everyday Americans to take on the responsibility of welcoming new Americans including Afghan newcomers to their communities. If your new year's resolution includes a desire to volunteer in your community, you might consider forming a Community Co-Sponsorship group.

In co-sponsorship, refugees are paired with groups (e.g. faith communities, businesses, civil society organizations, clubs, groups of individuals) who provide clearly defined financial and in-kind contributions and volunteer services to support a refugee’s welcome and integration over a set period of time.

AAA’s Co-Sponsorship Program requires that a team of at least 7 volunteers walk alongside a family for 9 months, provide at least $3,000 in financial support, and “nest a home” for the family. The team will welcome the family at the airport and work intimately with AAA and the family to support them as they settle into life in San Diego.


If you are interested in forming a co-sponsorship team and welcoming a refugee family, please read over the documents linked below.

Planting for Co-Sponsorship

Read through this big picture, two-page info sheet to gain a better understanding of the program requirements and the steps you’ll take to become a co-sponsor team.

Organizing for Co-Sponsorship

Read through this worksheet to gain a more in-depth understanding of what co-sponsorship entails.  If you decide to move forward with co-sponsorship, hold meetings with your team to work through the questions and activities in this worksheet as you are progress through training.  Please email completed forms to and someone will contact you soon after.

Community Co-Sponsorship: About Us

Community Co-Sponsorship

Files available for download

Planning and organizing for     co-sponsorship

Organizing a       co-sponsorship team

Nest a home supply list template


Community Co-Sponsorship: Files
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