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Community Co-Sponsorship

Making our community sustainable by team commitment in helping a refugee build in their resettlement journey.

Team Meeting

As an agency, our staff cannot meet the holistic needs of newcomers alone. The co-sponsorship program creates an opportunity for local community members to play a key role in supporting refugees from all over the world as they settle into their new homes within U.S. Alliance for African Assistance (AAA) is working with the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECEC) to promote the Community Co-Sponsorship Program is a fairly new community-led resettlement initiative that enables everyday Americans to take on the responsibility of welcoming newcomers into society. AAA recognizes that co-sponsorship is a significant commitment, but it is also an extremely rewarding one. Not only does it builds powerful bonds between sponsors and refugees, but it also strengthens the host community by sparking new connections and enhancing those already existing. It can also help to foster positive attitudes towards refugees and resettlement.

When new arrivals receive a warm welcome and support to integrate, it helps them feel at home and improves the likelihood that they will become empowered, contributing members of the community in a shorter period of time. Integration is a two-way process, and AAA expects that sponsors learn and benefit from the experience almost as much as the refugee family.

Who qualifies?

  • A team of 7+ people with one person identified as the team coordinator;

   Teams should be organized around different key integration pathways, which include:                        

  • Housing and welcome: gathering household &furniture items, set up the home & provide ready-to-eat food upon arrival in case the case manager has not done so.

  • Transportation: coordinating and teaching the family access & navigation of public transport as well as applying for a driving license.

  • Health:  teaching how to stay safe & healthy in the American context, i.e., vaccinations, hygiene, identity protection

  • Education: school enrollment and follow-up on participation for children and support access to English language classes for adults.

  • Cultural Adjustment: how to accomplish daily tasks & take advantage of community services as well as elements of American life (i.e., using appliances, accessing technology, etc.)

  • Jobs and Finance: support employable individuals understand how to apply for jobs, the network for employment, maintain a job

  • Capacity to raise and donate at least $3,000, which the local office will use to supplement rent and other essential items for the family;

  • Collect furniture and other household items the family needs;

  • Devote several hours every week to assist the family for nine months post-arrival;

  • Willingness to sign a written agreement outlining the duties the team will perform;

  • Flexibility to attend complete orientation and training prior to being matched; and

  • Commit to stay in regular communication and follow guidance from the local office staff.  AAA will support you and offer resources.

  • Co-sponsorship is a significant commitment, but it is also an extremely rewarding one. If this sounds exciting and feasible to you, that’s great! Use the resources below.

Community Co-Sponsorship: About Us

Community Co-Sponsorship

Files available for download

Planning and organizing for     co-sponsorship

Organizing a       co-sponsorship team

Nest a home supply list template


Community Co-Sponsorship: Files
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