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Since our establishment in San Diego, California in 1989, the Alliance for African Assistance has been working to expand our reach through the establishment of offices in Europe and Africa.  In addition to our hospital in Atiak Uganda, today we carry out our refugee assistance through our offices in Gulu, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya and Rome, Italy. Our programs in these regions aim to promote community development, literacy, self-reliance, health education and disease prevention. 


Alliance for African Assistance
P.O. Box 310
Gulu, Uganda
Tel: +256392178865

For over 20 years, northern Uganda had been the site of brutal warfare. In the course of this conflict, many atrocities have been committed against the civilian population such as kidnapping, mutilation, torture, sexual violence and murder.

The Alliance For African Assistance Uganda mission is to promote social development, education, the provision of psychosocial support and a healthy life through community participation with the essence of promoting basic life skills for the poor and disadvantaged through advocacy, training, research and effective management

Key areas for action are basic education and literacy, economic empowerment and development, water and sanitation, disease prevention and treatment.  The office plays a key role in the development and managing of the Atiak Hospital.   

The Alliance for African Assistance is excited to share with you our hospital project. Several years ago, we opened a branch office in Gulu, Uganda, near Atiak, where our founder, Walter Lam, grew up. The people of Atiak conducted a series of Community Needs Assessment meetings in 2015, and found their most pressing need was for a hospital. The community donated the land, and asked the Uganda Alliance to build and operate the hospital. We agreed to fund it, and after two years of construction, the 200-bed hospital will begin treating patients in early 2021. Medical equipment is being provided by a Rotary International Foundation Grant obtained by The San Diego Rotary Club and ten other Rotary Clubs.
Northern Uganda has an extremely high infant and maternal mortality rate. Mortality for children under five is also high due to pneumonia, malaria, diarrhea, measles, whooping cough, tuberculosis, hepatitis and HIV/AIDS. There are more than one million South Sudanese refugees in northern Uganda, with two major refugee camps in the area near Atiak.
When the Alliance provided the funds to build the hospital, it used its reserve income from resettling refugees in San Diego. The Alliance needs your help to insure that the hospital is able to serve all of the people. Donors who were already aware of the hospital have already given generously. It is our hope that the release of this video about the hospital will lead you to become a supporter.

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Alliance for African Assistance Kenya Dipti Fernandes - Kenya Country Representative

In 2019, Alliance CEO Walter Lam  identified a vibrant group of board members and appointed Ms Krupa Acharya as the Country Director and now a board member for AAA – Kenya.  

AAA-Kenya’s focus is to work with multiple and diverse Non-Profit Organizations.   Our objective is to provide complimentary services identified by the various country directors of existing NGO’s within and around the country.  

We aim to direct all our efforts to serve the ‘Youth’ who are refugees, internally displaced people (IDP’s) and Kenyans.   The young women and men, some of whom are ‘Youth’ leaders face high risks and need our support to channel their energy to serve their communities.

What AAA – Kenya does
AAA – Kenya’s focus is to provide support and complimentary capacity building services.   We identified ‘Youth Leaders’ amongst refugees, IDP’s and Young Kenyans for in-person and on-line trainings, events, seminars’ and workshops.   Below is a brief on our activities:
•    ‘Capacity Building Training’ Initially, the organization started by providing Software App training to the youth and through that the participants were able to design mobile app. Additionally, the team in collaboration with the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) organized events such as International Youth Day, World Mental Health Day, International Peace Day, and International Day of People with Disabilities. 
•    ‘Peace Building and Conflict Dialogue

We have trained 30 participants on what it means to be the creators of Peace with its multi-faceted complex circumstances and issues.
•     ‘Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS)

Working with the UNHCR and other refugee implementing partners.   This initiative has now partnered with the Ministry of Health – Kenya.   The Government of Kenya is keen to focus on Refugees, IDP’s and Kenyan Youth specifically on ‘Psychology First Aid, Quality Rights and Suicide Prevention’ under the banner of MHPSS.
•    Solar cookers – supplied to refugees managed by UNHCR to learn the power of our sun, use cookers built on the ground, and enjoy nutritious food without the burden of additional costs or negative environmental impact. 
•    Regular training sessions on seeking and securing employment.   2021 February we launched a 4-part 90-minute comprehensive training on ‘Personal Branding’.   This will enable a pilot group of learners to develop their Unique Personal Brands leading up to effective preparedness to apply for employment or seek funding for a unique entrepreneurial potential.   Going forward will pave the way for adopting and harnessing the Work Integrated Learning Model developed by University of Cincinnati.

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Alliance For African Assistance

Vua Folchi 16
00149 Roma, RM Italy

The mission of the Rome office is to help refugees by contributing to their professional and social training, and to find decent work and self sufficiency.

This assistance also includes Italian and English language courses and translation services. Furthermore, Alliance Italia is strongly committed to expanding the "Distance Support" project which allows Ugandan children to go to school and thus create the basis for a professional future in their country.  We also collaborate with a number of partner organizations with similar goals to ours both locally and internationally.

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