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Refugee Resettlement Services

Since 1995, the Alliance for African Assistance has resettled refugees, asylees, and Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) holders from over 30 countries.  Our resettlement department is comprised of our director, case managers, and drivers, all of whom play an integral role in the resettlement process for each of our clients.  
Prior to a refugee’s arrival, the case manager assigned to the case prepares for the new individual or family by finding them an affordable apartment, furnishing the apartment with basic necessities, and stocking their kitchen with food for their first week.  On the day they arrive, their case manager welcomes the clients at the airport and takes them to their new home.  Within the first few days of their arrival, case managers give each client a comprehensive cultural and programmatic orientation to life in the United States.  Clients are informed about housing, employment, U.S. and California laws, as well as a variety of programs offered by the Alliance.  Within the first month of arrival, the case managers work on helping each client with the following services including but not limited to: 
•    Social security card application 
•    Welfare – Cash Aid, MediCal, SSI and/or CalFresh application 
•    Driver’s license or identification card application 
•    School enrollment application 
•    Health screenings 
Many of our clients come to the Alliance with little to no knowledge of the English language.  Consequently, we offer interpretation services as needed.  Additionally, we offer ESL classes to help them improve their English.
Our case manager are available to provide the following services: 
•    Resume and cover letter writing 
•    Interview preparation 
•    Learning how to navigate the public transportation system 
The Alliance works as a team to carry out our mission to help newly arrived clients achieve self-sufficiency, and establish themselves in the community.
For more information regarding our Refugee Resettlement Services please contact Jimmy Dervishi, Director of Resettlement at (619) 286-9052 ext.: 229,

Resettlement Services

 Items that will be provided for you 

  1. Meeting at and transportation from the airport.

  2. Safe and clean housing.

  3. Requires further and household items.

  4. food and/or allowance until Food Stamps arrive.

  5. Arrangements for a medical examination and immunizations

  6. Applying for a Social Security card.

  7. Applying for food stamps, refugee cash assistance or TANF, and medical assistance.

  8. Referral to / enrollment in (ESL) classes or ABE / GED classes.

  9. Referral to/ assistance with employment services ( help with filling out job applications and transportation to interviews) and job readiness training (if employable).

  10. Registering children for school. 

  11. Providing an interpreter, as needed.

  12. Assisting men ages 18-25 to register for Selective Service.

  13. Weather-appropriate clothing.

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