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Resettlement department

Support for refugees, including housing, orientation to life in the U.S., assistance with essential services like social security, welfare, and healthcare, as well as language support and guidance in becoming self-sufficient and integrated into the community.

Immigration programs

We are assisting refugees with a range of services, including adjustment of status, naturalization applications, asylum and refugee matters, certificates of citizenship, consular processing, relative petitions, and replacement of lost/damaged USCIS documents.


Preferred Communities

We help newcomers cope with simple household tasks such as bill payments. We offer telecommunications-related services, similar services related to electricity and gas, including assistance programs like AMP, CARE, Neighbor-to-Neighbor (NTN), and ACP. We also help with the processes of registering children for kindergarten and school and many others.

and orientation


We assist refugees in becoming self-reliant contributors to society and achieving their full potential in their new home. We build connections with employers who are eager to lend their support. We also assist refugees with their own businesses, offering assistance in business planning, financial literacy, financing and credit improvement.

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