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Charity Volunteers


Supporting refugees through donations is a compassionate way to make a life-changing impact. Your kindness can provide hope and healing to those who've endured unimaginable hardships. Join us in making a difference.

Child Scholarship Program

The Alliance for African Assistance is working to make a hopeful change in the lives of Ugandan children with our Child Scholarship Program. For 23 years, northern Uganda had been traumatized by a vicious war that caused brutal acts of violence and injustice to be taken against the Ugandan people. Through years of conflict, many children have been abducted, orphaned, and separated from their families.

Image by bill wegener
Image by Felicia Montenegro


​Volunteers are essential in helping refugees and immigrants thrive in the United States. We offer a range of volunteer opportunities, both remote and in person, so you can make a meaningful impact in a way that suits your preferences and circumstances.

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