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Gift Empowerment Today

Provide More to Those in Need

Give $1,000

Groceries and Gas

Provide four families with much needed supplies and gas for a week so they may focus on education and work

Give $420

Sponsor a Child's education in Uganda

$35/month provides a scholarship for a child's tuition, school uniform, supplies. Family food and medical costs are covered as well.

Give $100

Diapers/hygiene supplies

For $100, purchase a month's worth of diapers for a newborn.

Do you have a specific need you'd like to address? Please contact Alison in Donor Relations

   Welcome to Alliance for           African Assistance

Alliance is grateful for the support from the broader San Diego community and beyond to support in this effort. To donate to our work assisting Afghan asylum seekers and have your impact doubled click the donate button in the top right corner of our homepage.

The Alliance for African Assistance is assisting with the resettlement of 1,020 asylum seekers, individuals, and families from Afghanistan who began arriving on September 1st with a goal of resettling all in San Diego by the end of February, 2022.

We are thankful that through a partnership with Rancho Santa Fe Foundation to help our supporters maximize their support of the resettlement of Afghan families, the first $50,000 of donations received will be doubled.

Given the unprecedented situation in Afghanistan, Alliance announced its sponsorship of 1,020 Afghan refugees fleeing Taliban control.

In agreeing to this sponsorship, Alliance is supporting the resettlement of these individuals and families in the San Diego community. This requires a significant amount of time, funding, and caring hearts. In order to meet our goals and provide assistance, we are asking for help from the larger San Diego community and beyond to assist us in this effort. We are asking for monetary donations to assist in the initial resettlement process, including rental assistance, covering the cost of prescription drugs, and providing food for Afghans. Please click the below button to donate, or call (619) 282-4218.

We recognize that many in our San Diego community have supported the people of Afghanistan in a variety of ways, including serving on the front lines. We thank you for your support and are grateful for the support of the broader community during these unprecedented times. 



Building a Brighter Future for All

The mission of the Alliance for African Assistance is to serve refugees, immigrants, and the most vulnerable among us to become self-sufficient, productive members of the community.


Alliance for African Assistance Kenya in partnership with GIZ Kenya

Here is your chance to nominate youth for upcoming peace building & dialogue trainings.  Click the flyer to learn more!
Please send your nominations to or


What We Do

Founded in 1989, the Alliance for African Assistance has been working, with the support of our donors and volunteers, to help refugees in San Diego and sub-Saharan Africa. Our work is dedicated to funding and delivering resettlement services, health care and other services to our clients so that they can build a productive life in their new home. We strive to inspire and improve the lives of those who need assistance. Donate or contact us to learn how you can make a difference.

How We Help

Paving the Way to a Better Tomorrow

Alliance for African Assistance works tirelessly to provide quality, long-term solutions for a number of pressing issues affecting our refugee community. Our most significant causes are those that are often brushed aside by most. Our battle is against indifference, and we would love for you to become part of that change today.


We offer our refugee clients a wide variety of programs to support their transition to America

The Clinic provides low-cost health care for the low-income, immigrant, and refugee members of the San Diego community

Donation Boxes

Global Village Language and Translation Services.  More than 200 Languages and Dialects Supported

Safari Seconds Thrift Store
6533 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA  92115
Phone (619) 282-4218


Learn More About Our Programs in Uganda, Kenya and Italy

Learn More About Our Hospital in Atiak, Uganda

Requesting Your Support

Make a Difference


Make A Donation

Help us serve our Clients, or Sponsor an Uganda Child's Education


Volunteer Your Time

Are you looking to support Alliance for African Assistance? We’d love to receive your help, and so will the community we provide for. Contact us to learn about volunteer opportunities. However you are able to help, we can assure you that it will have a major impact on the lives of many.

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Alliance for African Assistance

More Than Just Jewelry

Beaded jewelry hand-made from recycled paper by members of the Alliance beading group, Lacan Pekun (transalated as a poor person never gives up struggle), who have all survived torture during more than 20 years of conflict in Uganda.

Proceeds go to the Lacan Pekun beading group and Alliance for African Assistance's Child Scholarship Program, which works to support the education of children in northern Uganda. 

Kindly show your much appreciated support to Lacan Pekun & the child scholarship program by purchasing an item of choice, we have variety of colors as well. Click the link below and leave your contact information.  All items can be picked up at our office. THANK YOU!

Blue necklace.jpg

Blue necklace


Orange necklace.jpg

Orange necklace


Sand necklace.jpg

Multicolored necklace


Green bracelet.jpg

Green bracelet


Support Alliance for African Assistance when you shop with Amazon

Whenever you shop with Amazon please consider supporting Alliance for African Assistance by going to where a portion of every sale will be donated, at no extra cost.

Alliance For African Assistance
5952 El Cajon Boulevard
San Diego, CA  92115
Phone (619) 286-9052

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